Cinematic Customer Stories

Video and written case studies are a powerful marketing tool. By letting your customers share an authentic experience of using your product, you create a powerful endorsement that stands the test of time. We empower your users to do this marketing for you and handle the entire process end-to-end.



If you haven’t officially defined your personas, we start by leading a cross-team workshop. Once we know your users, we work with your CSM team to gather a broad list of customers to interview with the goal of validating the personas and uncovering compelling stories for the video.

From there, we coordinate all logistics for a full-day shoot at the customers’ office, bringing in our crew of experienced filmmakers and making it a seamless experience for everyone. Upon completion, we handle all PR approvals with the customer.


  • Proto & validated persona guide

  • Printed persona posters for your office

  • Customer Interview Summary Guide

  • Cinematic Customer Story Film featuring 4k film package & expert film crew

  • Written Case Study

  • Social Media Snippets for advertising purposes

  • Key testimonials (call out quotes) for website



Example Work

Envoy is modernizing the workplace experience.

Envoy asked Olivine to identify personas, validate these personas, revamp their customer stories, and create social media snippets for demand gen purposes.

The videos created by Olivine have garnered more than 25,000 views for Envoy and created new avenues of customer engagement through social media and newsletter channels.

Here’s a look at our work with Envoy.

Olivine led a great workshop to define and validate our users, and through the customer videos, we got to see the real people we are serving with our product.
— Michele Pendergast, Head of Demand Gen at Envoy


Persona workshop

We started with a persona workshop to identify Envoy’s personas, then interviewed a wide range of customers to validate or challenge our assumptions.


Xero customer Story

We uncovered a unique set of customer stories and started with Xero. Envoy makes their visitor sign-in process welcoming. 


Aruba customer Story

We next visited Aruba to share how Envoy creates a seamless check-in and automatic wifi experience for their visitors.  


Pandora customer story

Then we went to Pandora to capture how Envoy creates a VIP experience for everyone who comes to their office. 


Michele Pendergast
Olivine was very thorough in understanding our needs and expectations. Olivine has a high bar for itself so I knew the quality would be excellent. Plus I just love working with them!
— Michele Pendergast, Head of Demand Gen at Envoy


Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what we do


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