Cinematic Customer Stories, Written Case Studies, and Testimonials

Video and written case studies are a powerful marketing tool. By letting your customers share an authentic experience of using your product, you create a powerful endorsement that stands the test of time.


Social proof is especially important for the enterprise. Those customers in particular want to hear from other happy customers using your product. We help you empower your users to do this marketing for you. In our experience, they’re incredibly enthusiastic to participate and are waiting to be asked!


Example Work

Envoy is modernizing the workplace experience.

Envoy asked Olivine to identify personas, revamp their customer stories, establish product marketing best practices, and take their newest product to market.

For the customer stories project, we interviewed dozens of Envoy customers to discover the best stories to tell through cinematic story telling and written case studies.

We delivered a comprehensive customer story package that included four cinematic video stories, short snippets for social media, written case studies, and photos that featured some of their favorite customers sharing why they love using Envoy.



Video Case Studies

Written Case Studies




Envoy’s Case Studies


See the full customer story on how Xero uses Envoy here.


See the full story of how Aruba uses Envoy here.


Behind the scenes with the Olivine film crew

Olivine helped us define & understand our users better. We got a ton of value from their process.
— Anna Cockell, Sales Enablement Manager, Envoy

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