Product Marketing Strategy and
Announcement Support

Product marketing is the sum of all efforts to research your space, frame your message, and promote your product to ensure it resonates with your target customer. We work with nearly every team in an organization to align and strategize go to market efforts resulting in wider reach, higher conversions, faster sale cycles, and increased retention.



Example work

Envoy is modernizing the workplace experience.

Envoy asked Olivine to identify personas, revamp their customer stories, establish product marketing best practices, and take their newest product to market.

We led the Proto Persona Workshop to understand Envoy’s diverse customer base and interviewed fifteen customers to validate our assumptions. Next, we wrote executive summaries of each customer interview, created a new Envoy Persona Guide, and designed posters to hang in their office to keep their personas top of mind.

We also led the Envoy team in developing a go to market strategy and execute the announcement of their latest product, Rooms, into private beta. To prepare for the announcement, we conducted the Product Messaging Workshop and introduced new best practices to execute the announcement.



Persona Research

Customer Stories

Product Positioning + Messaging

Go to Market Strategy

Product/Feature Announcements

Envoy Persona Posters

Envoy Persona Posters

Envoy Rooms

Product Marketing Announcement Tactic Rubric

Product Marketing Announcement Tactic Rubric

Product Marketing Announcement Priority Rubric

Product Marketing Announcement Priority Rubric

Proto Persona Workshop Guide

Proto Persona Workshop Guide


“The Olivine team have been incredible partners as we've defined our go-to-market strategy: from naming to positioning and overall strategy. I was impressed by their attention to detail and structured approach while being flexible to make sure to meet every single one of our needs along the way. Launching a product is always a high stakes, stressful time but Olivine guided us through it with competence and confidence—helping us making the biggest impact possible."

—Sebastien Magoutier, Director of Product Marketing at Envoy

Sebastian Magoutier, Director of Product Marketing at Envoy


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