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Choose from our packages below or let us create a proposal that’s completely unique.



Projects + Retainers

Projects Priced based on scope
Retainers start at $15,000 per month

You’ll work with dedicated product marketers and designers who are results-oriented, value-driven, and, more importantly, totally delightful. By working with the Olivine team, you get access to experienced marketers with diverse skillsets that you can’t find in a single full-time hire. Our pricing is based on the resources you’re working with and we scale up or down as needed, depending on the project.

Types of projects we deliver:

  • Positioning + Messaging

  • Written Customer Stories

  • Product Marketing Strategy

  • Product/Feature Announcements

  • Sales Enablement

  • Branding + Design



$6,000 per workshop

Workshops are short onsite intensives that give you new tools and frameworks to enable and accelerate your team. From pre-launch to Series D, we customize workshops based on where your business is today and where you’re headed. Workshops are $6,000 each or $20,000 for all four.

Each workshop includes:

  • Tailored workshop program

  • 4 hour on-site with two Olivine partners

  • Branded deliverable

  • Implementation playbook

Travel expenses not included.


Customer Testimonial Video

Custom pricing

Showcase how your most successful customers through video—the most engaging medium. Olivine starts by deeply understanding how your customers use your product. We then capture their experience on film and produce a high definition video to drive engagement with your brand.

Customer Testimonial Video includes:

  • Customer pre-interview

  • Onsite filming

    • 1 Director / Camera Operator

    • 1 Interviewer

    • Professional lighting

    • Professional editing

Optional add on: written version of the story (branded PDF).


Cinematic Story Video

Custom pricing

Bring your brand to life in cinema-quality videos—the most engaging medium—to capture authentic, compelling stories in from your company or customers. Olivine starts by deeply understanding your brand or customers. We then create the story, capture it on film, and present you with a cinema quality video to drive engagement with your brand.

Cinematic Brand or Customer Story Video includes:

  • Company or customer pre-interview

  • Creative storyboarding

  • Onsite scouting

  • Onsite filming

    • 1 Film Director

    • 1 Camera Operator

    • 1 Interviewer

    • 1 Production Assistant

    • Advanced lighting

    • Advanced editing

  • 3 Video snippets for ads and social

  • Written version of the story (branded PDF)


Personas + Stories Package

Custom pricing

Olivine’s special sauce! We start by leading the Proto Personas workshop followed by interviewing 12 of your best customers to validate personas. During the interviews we seek out authentic, compelling stories to turn into 3 cinema-quality customer testimonial videos. Olivine handles the entire project end-to-end.

Personas + Stories Package includes:

  • Proto Persona Workshop

  • 12 Customer interviews with executive summaries

  • Branded validated persona guide

  • Branded validated persona posters for your office

  • 3 Cinematic Customer Story Videos

    • See Cinematic Story Video above for detailed list.


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